Passages Malibu Outpatient Center

Passages Malibu finds pleasure in helping people to seek inner peace. Hence, it came up with the idea of an out-patient center as well, to limit addiction as much as possible. There are different types of patients out there to be treated for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Not all of them have the time to say buh-bye to their daily routine and get in a place for over a month. That too, just to treat themselves off an addiction. Life is not a bed of roses for all, even if they have the required dollars to get themselves a luxurious stay at the Malibu Hills.

Passages Malibu now caters to such addicts who cannot sign up for an inpatient treatment. These individuals usually have some financial or parenting responsibilities, which prevent them from opting for a full-time treatment in an inpatient center. These outpatient program assistances are limited elsewhere. The other rehabs mostly do not offer any such program. So as obvious, Chris Prentiss has put all his efforts in Malibu to come for the rescue of addicts. This businessman began this mission, while treating his own son off his addiction to heroin and cocaine. Furthermore, the first-hand experience of addiction treatment led Chris on his mission to cater to the needs of all types of addicts. He firmly believes that the same treatment does not work for everyone.

It was in 2015 that Passages Malibu opened up its first outpatient rehab center. It targets those individuals who have less severe addictions: that have only endured for relatively short time periods. Outpatient addiction rehab tends to be completed in a shorter timeframe. It requires a weekly time investment. The non-12 step, holistic therapy helps the patient to find the underlying conditions to his drug or alcohol abuse. The treatment is pretty alike the one being offered at Passages Malibu. Moreover, each and every phase of the healing procedure is closely monitored. The outpatient center is set up in Venice, California.

In Passages Venice, every patient’s case is separately dealt with. The individualized therapies are devised to treat every addictive habit. The treatments usually employ the following methods: chemical dependence counseling, spiritual counseling, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, family therapy, life purpose, after care and various group therapy Sessions. Though one misses out on the nutritious food and beautiful scenic view, when compared to the inpatient centers residents.