Passage Malibu Rehab Center Review


Passage Malibu Rehab center is located in Malibu California it was being founded by a father and a son Chris and Pax Prentiss. This is a for-profit organization which is giving its exceptional results for over 15 years. This rehab center is one among the best rehab centers in all over the California. In the list of to 10 rehabs in California, Passage Malibu stands first all over the California for its best services. Not only this but also passage Malibu rehab center claims to have the best cure rate of 84%. This rehab is one of its kind and almost have the best services for its clients.

Unlike other Rehabs, Passage Malibu does not use the orthodox methods to treat its clients. In fact, Rehabs Passage Malibu use the individual treatment so the patient may feel more comfortable and can have a better atmosphere for fast recovery. Some people are shy so they are not able to share their stuff with others so the 12-step method is a flop for them. For people like those Rehabs Passage Malibu offers the individual recovery system .Moreover Rehabs Passage Malibu offers 22 different programs which help people of different age groups and different mindsets recover in favorable conditions. Along with this Passage, Malibu Rehab center offers the best-insured results if you are not satisfied with your additional problems you can have your treatment fee back only after some investigation on the concerned matter.

Another thing which makes Passage Malibu the best is their luxurious atmosphere. This helps the patients to have ideal conditions. Unlike in other Rehab centers Rehabs Passage Malibu there are swimming pools, tennis courts, gym with a personal trainer and many more facilities some people can only dream of. This thing not only makes the patients comfortable but also they don’t feel like they are under any treatment they just feel like at home and having the best time of their lives.

Out of 100, only 6% of Rehab centers have the honor of being accredited by JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization). Passage Malibu also holds the honor for this due to the exceptional services being provided here and this clearly makes it the best among the best Rehab centers all along the California.

This Rehab center has the honor of curing the top most celebrities like Mel Gibson, Andy Dick and Natasha Lyonne which lost their hope over their addictions and after being part of the treatments offered here in Passage Malibu they showed trustworthy signs of a cure. They were really satisfied by the services and they were back to their career like they were before in their professional career.

Passage Malibu rehab Center offers the best services for their patients with minimum Detox. Detox can also define as after-effects of a treatment Passage Malibu offers the best treatments with minimum Detox. The patients treated here gave best remarks after the treatment and was fully satisfied by the services having a life full of gratitude.

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